INCLU-AGEING – The last partner meeting

The Inclu-ageing project consortium met in presence for the last time in Warsaw, culminating the meeting in the final conference organized by The Maria Grzegorzewska University (APS), carried out on 31.01.24. 

The 29th and 30th of January took place the consortium meeting, in which has been discussed the last tasks to implement, such as the finalization of the Policy Recommendation Report (as cross-country of the national and local laws to support family members and caregivers of ageing adults with disabilities), as well as the pilot test of the HUB and of the project deliverables (Toolkit and Parental Guidebook). 

Partners also discussed last issues related to the final conference held on the 31st of January, which received positive feedback from the audience. This latter was composed of experts in the disability field, adults with intellectual disabilities with their family members, members of NGOs and associations taking care of people with ID.  

It was a great time to exchange practices and feedback both among partners and conference audience.  

Partners also had the chance to confront each other in a more detailed way on the external impact of the project and on its deliverables in each partner’s country. 

What now? 

The pilot phase is in progress in each country, collecting feedback which will help the consortium to improve the quality of the project deliverables.  

In fact, CEIPES ETS is carrying out the pilot test on 14th of February, at the Retirement Home “Madre del Divino Amore”. Visit the Facebook event to know more and discover how to promote active ageing and well-being.

You can stay up to date by visiting the project website and following the project Facebook page!  

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