IDHEAPP – Promoting Health for Young People with Intellectual Disabilities

The second transnational meeting of the IDHEApp project carried out in Rome on 3-4 June and aimed at discussing the project progresses, was a crucial step in outlining the roadmap for enhancing the health and quality of life for young people with intellectual disabilities through  the discussion of the mobile application (developed by CEIPES), its pilot test and methodology, and the development of the systematic review. 

In fact, partners had a brainstorming phase discussing the challenges and the features included in the app, analyzing their accessibility and how they could be improved to maximize the app impact. This step was propaedeutic to the focus group and testing phase which will follow in these summer months. In fact, people with disabilities and their caregivers will have an active role in testing the app, in performing the challenges, in discussing its features and in providing feedback that can support CEIPES and all partners in the improvement of the quality of the mobile application.  

Another step of the meeting was the discussion on how to carry out these sessions of focus group, following specific guidelines. These focus group sessions will be carried out by AIPD from Rome (Italian Association of Down People), the host of this second meeting, and by Rijeka Sports Association for People with Disabilities (from Croatia). 

Accessibility, easy-reading and friendly-use were the transversal key points to all the meeting phases. In fact, this meeting was a great opportunity for partners to exchange best practices on how to adapt material for the target group in an appropriate way and on how to properly communicate with them. 

There was no shortage of managerial and dissemination arguments! The project website and social media channels are now available, and the consortium would like to invite you to visit them and stay tuned on this innovative project progress: on project website, Facebook and Instagram page.

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