IDHEApp – Using technologies to promote HEalthy lifestyles in Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities

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Financial Program: Erasmus + Sport Cooperation Partnerships SCP

The project aims to create an accessible digital intervention to improve the well-being of young people with intellectual disabilities and involves the active participation of them and the support of healthcare workers and professionals. The objective is to promote health by encouraging physical activity, improving eating habits and the responsible use of digital technology. Furthermore, the project aims to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle, provide digital resources, analyze the use of technology for health management.


Conducting awareness-raising workshops and events to emphasize the importance of healthy and active living among young Europeans with IDD.
Analyzing the current usage and acceptance of technology as a support system for health management among adolescents with intellectual disabilities.
Implementing strategies to increase physical activity, reduce sedentary behavior, and promote a balanced diet among young people with IDD.


Accessible mobile app, IDHEApp, which involves people with IDD in the design process and offers personalized content for improving lifestyle.
Resources and training for educators and health professionals to teach practical skills for enhancing physical activity and healthy living using the app.
Digital tools and guidelines to partner organizations to enhance the lifestyle of young people with IDD.

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