GANYMED – Testing the e-learning platform in Palermo

The main objective of the GANYMED project (2020-1-DE01-KA226-HE-005745) is to enable the 70+ generation to participate in the communication methods and tools of the digital world by designing teacher training programs and creating age 70+ appropriate learning content. 

In the current phase of the project, partners did the pilot test activities in the different consortium countries to see the efficiency of the platform, its potencial points and the possible aspects to improve.  

In Italy, CEIPES held two encounters: one online on the 9th of May and for the other the staff went to a nursing home on the 10th of May. In both the partners received very constructive and useful feedbacks about the Ganymed Platform. CEIPES counted with people from 25 years old (staff work with elderly people) to 90 years old senior citizens.  

After presenting the project, explaining the Geragogy concept and the structure of the platform, the participants were ready to test themselfs the different activities presented in the platform. The participants showed their interest and they seemed happy when completing the exercises and helping with the validation of the Ganymed platform. Conducting these activities was a very nice and fruitful experience, not only for the participants, but also for the project staff.  

The next step is to gather all the information obtained from the pilots and apply the necessary modifications and improvements to the platform for the launch of its final version. 

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