GANYMED – Geragogy ANd Young MEDia


Project details

Project number: 


Timespan of the project:

01-03-2021/ 28- 02-2023

Contact details

CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development



The objectives of the project are the following:

  • To enable the 70+ generation to participate in the communication methods and tools of the digital world.
  • To counter the development of the digital world for people who are between 10 and 50 years old, by designing teacher training programs and creating age 70+ appropriate learning content.
  • Research report on geragogic requirements and needs.
  • GANYMED Methodology – Training path, learning content structure and guidelines for teachers
  • GANYMED Community platform
  • GANYMED Learning Units und Curriculum.
  •  Webinars and pilots.
  • Enrich their teaching methods and encourage creativity by acting with members of generation 70+ – Improve the way of teaching and working with members of generation 70+ in other countries in EU.
  • Increase recognition and need to educate members of the 70+ generation by providing examples of good practice.
  • Inclusion of new teaching methods, using GANYMED curricula.
  • Enhancing the internationalization process of education schools.
  • Enlarge the network of links among teachers.
  • Participation and inclusion of the 70+ generation into the digital communication and cooperation methods and tools of the society.