GAMEUFYING – Discover the project’s games!

A new exciting milestone has been achieved for the Erasmus+ project, GamEUfying: the virtual handbook is now out! Both a PDF manual and a YouTube video are freely available online to present youth workers and the general public the games developed as part of this project. The objective is to allow them to start implementing the gamification methodology by using these useful and enjoyable resources.  

GamEUfying consortium partners have created four different games intended to support youth knowledge about the European Union, including puzzles, a board game, an escape box and a virtual escape room. After the practical testing in their countries (Spain, Italy, and Portugal), the GamEUfying consortium has used the rich insights of the experience to finalize the project’s manual, which is now available on the project’s website. It includes an oversight of the project, its activities and purposes, as well as fundamental theoretical background regarding gamification technique. Most importantly, it presents detailed explanations and instructions of all the games freely available to the public. This is accompanied also with a YouTube video that permits to have a first look at these games and to know first hand the experience of some of the participants that have already enjoyed these resources.      

You can access all these materials in GamEUfying’s official website*, and follow it on Instagram and Facebook for not losing any update! 

Download the Manual here.

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