ENTERPRISE – The project has come to its end

On the 11th of March 2022 the consortium of the project ENTERPRISE – ENTrepreneurial Experience and Rising PRofessionals in Sustainable Europe, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, project number 2019-1-IT02-KA201-062931, has met to finalise the last steps of the implementation activities before the 4th of April, ending date of the project.

The activities related to the project have been all carried out, providing school staff from countries composing the consortium and from all over Europe the opportunity to have useful resources to integrate entrepreneurial and sustainability education into national curricula. In the ENTERPRISE framework, in fact, the following intellectual outputs have been produced:

  • I-O1, Collection of open educational resources in the field of sustainability and youth entrepreneurship;
  • I-O2, Development of learning paths for teachers and students training in sustainability and entrepreneurial education;
  • I-O3, Pilot study on student learning in entrepreneurship and sustainability;
  • I-O4, E-learning platform in the field of entrepreneurial education and sustainability.

The consortium carrying out project activities is composed by educational institutes and non-governmental associations from four different countries: CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e lo Sviluppo (Italy), I.I.S.S. Pio La Torre (Italy), AEVA – Associacao Para a Educacao e Valorizacao da Regiao de Aveiro (Portugal), BDA – Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria), TSV – Thora Storm videregående skole (Norway).

During the three years long timespan of the project, partners have faced several difficulties to implement project activities, most of all due to the covid-19 pandemic related issues; however, thank to cooperation and effeorts partners have coherently ed efficiently carried out all the proposed activities, involving as much people from the target group as possible and raising awareness on the need to improve national curricula with education, knowledge and competencies on entrepreneurship and sustainability, as already promoted by the European Union through its policies.

To keep track of the progresses achieved by the ENTERPRISE project, please visit the website and the Facebook page.




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