Project Number: 2019-1-IT02-KA201-062931
Timespan of the Project: 01-09-2019 / 31-08-2021

Project E-mail: info@ceipes.org

  • To promote social and solidarity economy, innovation, youth employability, and social inclusion, particularly referred to the quality of education, employability, and entrepreneurship in the renewable energy industry, sustainable production, tourism, and agriculture.
  • To engage school staff (teachers, educators, project managers, students) and professionals in the field of sustainable work start-up at European level for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in a wider perspective.
  • To foster in young students and new graduates the development of specific know-how, linguistic and socio-relational skills necessary for searching or creating job opportunities in a rapidly evolving sustainable Europe.
  • To foster students’ competencies and skills, together with promoting sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • To bridge any linguistic shortcomings of teachers and students.
  • To broaden the knowledge of the world of work and youth entrepreneurship at the European level on sustainability issues.
  • Analysis of the current VET curricula at European level related to entrepreneurship and sustainability.
  • Analysis of the existing training materials related with entrepreneurship and sustainability on the world wide web.
  • Creation of 5 modules related to entrepreneurship and sustainability to upload online in the platform.
  • Test of the tools made with teachers and students during the implementation of the project.
  • Creation of an innovative e-learning platform for students and teachers that contains all materials developed during the project.
  • Creation of a community of European teachers that could share best practices related to entrepreneurship and sustainability.
  • Collection of open educational resources in the field of sustainability and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Development of learning paths for teachers and students training in sustainability and entrepreneurial education.
  • Pilot study on student learning in entrepreneurship and sustainability.
  • E-learning platform in the field of entrepreneurial education and sustainability.
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