EMPROVE –  The pilot phase starts in Italy!

On the 30th of May 2024, the Alpha Pilot testing phase of the EMPROVE platform started. Professionals from the CEIPES’ staff participated the first testing of the e-learning platform, focusing on the technical aspects before the second pilot phase with final users that will be done in September. 

It was a good opportunity not only for fixing some possible technical issues, but also to have a moment to share some insights for the improvement of the whole quality of the EMPROVE e-learning materials, allowing the final users to experience a complete, interactive and innovative platform. 

Apart from the progress on the platform contents, partners are working on the development of explanatory videos that will add valuable information to its chapters, as they will count with the participation of different professionals that will give partners interesting insights through the interviews that will be done in the different partner countries. 

The objective of the EMPROVE project is to support the quality of assistance for elderly by creating an innovative curriculum for the people who would like to train to become a Professional Relative by contributing to innovation in vocational education and training and increasing the flexibility of opportunities in vocational education and training. 

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