DISENEX – An All-In-One portal for Disability Entrepreneurship

At long last, the DISENEX portal has been fully developed and is now available to the public. The portal, developed by CEIPES with the support of the consortium, serves as a platform for disseminating the project’s ideology, outcomes and resources, which are intended to assist individuals with disabilities in becoming entrepreneurs. 

This portal is an essential resource that will undoubtedly help individuals with disabilities achieve their entrepreneurial goals, improving their lives and contributing to society’s overall economic growth. 

In fact, the portal includes the methodology and guidelines, the mechanism support and legislation framework of each country of the organizations part of the consortium. Besides, it offers an interactive learning scenario that corresponds to the chosen courses, providing learners with practical applications of the content.   

CEIPES and the consortium aimed to adapt these courses by modularizing and integrating them into the DISENEX portal’s structure and ideology, providing a cost-efficient way of delivering high-quality online training material. Although the output targets people with disabilities, it is open to any adult learner and the success of this approach could be replicated in other educational projects.  

Besides, on the portal are available the stories of the best practices in each country of the consortium. They are available under the form of textual stories as booklets and under the motivational learning mini-series. Check them on YouTube and on the portal specific section talking about the heroes. 

Check the portal at the following link and discover all the results.

The project team is additionally sharing updates and progress on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, encouraging stakeholder involvement and fostering a sense of community. Follow them!  

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