DISENEX – Disability Entrepreneurship Expert


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01/10/2020 – 30/11/2022


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • To increase the self-employment and (social) entrepreneurship rates among PWD;
  • To pool knowledge of trainers, adult educators, startup support services and economic development authorities to understand and manage the potential of PWD within the social economy sector (both nationally and EU-wide);
  • To create a single-window system that helps PWD to discover, elaborate and implement the entrepreneurial opportunity;
  • Make decision makers be aware of the problems encountered by the disabled people, learn about their economic and creative potential, adjust the existing and respectively develop new strategies and policies for empowering PWD for entrepreneurship.
  • The production of the motivational learning documentary 
  • Set the integrated DISENEX learning course
  • To Develop DISENEX Portal, an all-in-one platform

The production of the motivational learning documentary mini-series constitutes the major outcome of the DISENEX project. The output composes a single media product leveraging the opportunities created by relative cost-efficiency of the digital video production and the power of the messages received from the peers – people with disabilities who have managed to get loose from the predestined ties of discrimination, limited self-realization opportunities and/or protective social infrastructure.

  • INTAMT (Germany)
  • CEIPES (Italy)
  • FONIX AS (Norway)
  • OZARA (Slovenia)