D3PO – 3D puzzles tested in Italy!

In Italy, the D3PO project puzzles were tested between October and November 2023 with about 25 adults of different backgrounds and ages, specific learning disorders is what made them in the same level.  

CEIPES ETS, selected 25 adults to test some of the puzzles developed by the D3PO project partnership. The pilot session was held with the collaboration of the Si.da multipurpose center. Si.da deals with specific learning disorders and enhancing person-specific techniques. 

During this pilot phase, the D3PO project and its goals were presented. Participants were divided into small groups and each was assigned an escape puzzle to solve. In particular, participants texted “Around the World in 80 Days” inspired by Jules Verne’s book of the same name, a journey through puzzles and mazes to escape from. The second puzzle is the “Colapesce” puzzle inspired by the Sicilian legend of a boy who loved his land so much that he sacrificed himself for it, leaving a message for the participants. The puzzle “Fugaca” inspired by the Portuguese type product of the town of Santa Maria de Feira, related to the historical event of the town. Finally two puzzles produced by Greek partner IDEC, “Exit within” and “The Flying the Flag” puzzles describing different psychological crisis situations and how to act in these moments and the world of gender equality.  

All participants showed enthusiasm and appreciation on the puzzles. They are probably puzzles that will also be used within the Si.da center for reinforcement in learning.   

The material is easily accessible from any smartphone or tablet, for free. It is only necessary to select the puzzle and then select the desired language. This simple way of accessing the material gives a further advantage to the use of the puzzles.  

For further information follow us on project’s website and Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

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