COL.D.D – Inclusive Wellness: Embraces Cold Water Swimming

On March 22nd, the first meeting of the COL.D.D project (project number: 101133918) took place in Brussels, gathering consortium members from Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Austria, Greece, and the Czech Republic.  

The aim of this project is to promote a healthy lifestyle through cold water swimming, as a potential method for preventing and treating depression and dementia in adults. During this inaugural meeting, the consortium focused on establishing the organizational steps of the project and discussing the first outcome: a handbook designed to guide the implementation of the methodology. It is expected that this manual will enhance the effectiveness of activities with users in their mission to promote inclusion and well-being through cold water swimming. 

The next planned meeting will be held in Zagreb in July, where participants will delve into the practical phase of the project, acquiring specific skills and knowledge related to cold water swimming and its application in the treatment of depression and dementia. 

This first meeting of the COL.D.D project represents a significant initial step towards implementing activities and strategies that contribute to the shared goal of promoting inclusion and health, which will continue to be worked on in the coming months. 

For more information about our progress, visit and follow our project’s website and social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

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