The training chess material

The non-formal training material of the KA2 Erasmus+ “CHED – Chess platform for deaf people” project (613577-EPP-1-2019-1-RO-SPO-SCP) is totally completed. In fact, the Consortium finalized the chess scenarios and lessons contents to teach chess to deaf people.  

All the material is available through the platform and adapted in animation and Sign Languages. You can take a look here.

The training has been realized according to: 

In fact, both tools are divided in four levels (initiation, basic, intermediate and advanced), starting from the easiest principles to arrive to the hardest strategies. 

  • The results of the investigation about the actual situation of the access to sport and to chess for deaf people. Discover more here.

The partners members of the Consortium worked in collaboration with chess trainers in the various countries, to ensure the quality and the validity of the lessons and strategies, among which the French defense, the interference, the forcing moves, checkmates and opening games. Then, they translated the lessons the various national Sign Languages of their countries. 

To access the training, you can create your own account on the platform or log in as guest.  

If you want discover more about CHED and the work behind, you can visit the project website, the Facebook page and the CEIPES portoflio! 

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