ALLVIEW – CEIPES coordinates the Workshop on CSR in Palermo

On April 8, 2024, CEIPES organized a workshop dedicated to the fourth Work Package (WP4) of the ALLVIEW project, focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The event took place at the White Room of the Italian Film School’s headquarters and saw the participation of numerous companies in the furniture and wood sector, along with stakeholders committed to the social inclusion of disadvantaged individuals in the workplace and education. 

The workshop represented a crucial opportunity to explore the implementation of CSR in the specific sector and to conduct an investigation into its adoption among participating companies. After an overview of the activities carried out within the ALLVIEW project, the focus shifted to CSR, highlighting its importance and advantages for businesses. 

CEIPES’s Project Manager guided participants through an examination of the CSR concept, emphasizing the opportunities it offers in terms of added value. This initial step laid the groundwork for identifying two companies that will have the opportunity to participate in a coaching program in the coming months. 

The CSR training program, based on qualitative criteria, will enable the involved companies to acquire skills and practices aimed at fostering a positive social impact in their operations. The initiative not only aims to provide benefits to the individual companies involved but also to promote a broader positive social impact within the working and educational community. 

The workshop agenda unfolded as follows: 

Opening greetings 

  • Brief introduction to the ALLVIEW project 
  • Presentation of the involved partners 
  • Description of the work carried out in WP4’s CSR work package 
  • Review of some good practices at the European level 
  • In-depth discussion on the concept of CSR and voluntary participation in the second phase of work 

The event represented a key moment for sharing knowledge and experiences among companies in the sector, as well as an opportunity to promote greater awareness and adherence to CSR. The active participation of stakeholders demonstrated the importance and relevance of the theme of social inclusion in the workplace and education context. 

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