ALERRT! – An amazing formative experience for first responder in Cyprus

The second Learning Training Teaching Activity of the  ALERRT project (2020-1-ES01-KA202-082056) took place from 27 of June to 1st of July in Larnaca, Cyprus.

The training involved partners from five countries: Spain, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, and was hosted by the organization STANDO from Cyprus.

The project aims to train first responders (policeman, firefighter and medical officers) in a set of skill that make possible for them to understand how to recognise, interact and treat appropriately autistic people in cases of emergency.

During the week of the activities the participant had the possibilities to understand better the challenges that autism brings in situation of emergency, this also thanks to all the materials we have produced during the course of the project, specifically:

  • A theoretical curriculum about autism
  • A manual with non-formal learning exercise to train first responder
  • The interactive E-Learning platform (available here:
  • VR scenarios for first responder
  • Toolkit for people with autism

The activities have been conducted in a non-formal way and using methodologies that made possible to reflect on the experience in a way that make possible for them to reflect on the importance of the project.

Every group sent by the partners was composed of a multidisciplinary team, composed by professor, expert in the field of autism, psychologist and first responder itself, like the member of the Italian police that founded a great contribution in their daily work from this experience.

The mutual and shared feeling among the participant is that is necessary to improve in every state the amount of information shared about these arguments, creating a national protocol that make possible to understand how to deal with these different situations in every emergency case, making the effort of finding time for the formation of first responders.

The project Alerrt! Is close to the end date but is just a step on the work that every day CEIPES and his partners do for creating a better life for all the person, focusing on the diversity that characterize everyone, trying to find better solution for independence, safety and healthy living.

Don’t hesitate to visit Alerrt! Website and learning platform to give a look to all the downloadable materials.

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