AGISEC – Exploring Human Rights through the project

CEIPES ETS kicked off the thematic workshops of the AGISEC project on Tuesday, April 30th, with a specific focus on human rights. 

The AGISEC project aims to engage young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), and people with disabilities in the European context. But it doesn’t stop there; it also seeks to promote the health benefits of sports, introducing new sports disciplines, fostering environmental awareness, and enhancing understanding of European values and structures. To achieve this, one of the activities planned by the project is the implementation of workshops on different topics. 

During the inaugural workshop, participants were introduced to the world of human rights and its connection to our project and the Erasmus+ program. Through group and pair activities, participants practically explored human rights, integrating this knowledge through a non-formal methodology. 

In addition to exploring human rights, the workshop also served as an opportunity to familiarize participants with project methodology. The basic structure of a project was presented to them, and they were encouraged to develop ideas for future projects. 

Next month, we will continue with another workshop, focusing on project methodology to deepen our understanding and skills. 

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