New educational resources now available!

New opportunities coming thanks to the project “Act4Inclusion – Life in Theatre“! The project, at its conclusion, never ceases to surprise with important tools: CEIPES, in fact, is pleased to announce the realization and conclusion of the project’s online course on the “mooc” e-learning platform.

The online platform, accessible to all, offers the possibility to follow this well-structured course divided into 6 modules. The course is currently available in English, but will soon be expanded with the other languages of the partnership (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Romanian).

CEIPES is proud to have contributed to the creation of such a valuable resource that will help facilitators, teachers and anyone who wishes to train on the themes of improvisation theater and non-formal education.

Together with the methodological manual and the board game based on improvisation, the online course is yet another milestone of our project that, Recall, it aims to foster social inclusion for adults through the innovative methodology of improvisation theater and gamification.

To follow the course of “Act4Inclusion”, click here.

You can instead consult the news and download the available educational resources by following the official social media (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and consulting the project website.



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