It’s time to say goodbye!

The “Act 4 Inclusion: Life in Theater” project has come to its conclusion after two years.

The consortium partners (from Portugal, Spain, Romania and Italy) worked hard to produce, test and make public the expected project results.

CEIPES, as an integral and active part of the partnership, has contributed with perseverance and determination to the realization and publication of all these objectives: a methodological material has been created which aims to provide adult educators with a valid, full guide of advice and activities; a board-game based on improvisational theater was created (for this project, in fact, theater and gamification were crucial elements in achieving the results, especially in the test phases); last but not least, an online course was created on the mooc E-Learning platform.

All the results produced are available and downloadable on the official website of the project.

Act 4 Inclusion” and all those who participated in the project activities tried to contribute, even before the results, to convey an important message: there is no difference between human beings when one respects and commits oneself constantly and determination.

The target group of the project concerns fragile categories of adults: migrants, the elderly, people with various types of disabilities. We have learned a lot from them (CEIPES has been personally involved in various workshop activities with the guys with a migration background from the Asante Center in Palermo).

We learned so much from this experience: the ultimate goal of the project is in fact to share and enrich each other, beyond the quality results obtained during these two years.

And now? What happen? Even if the project is finished, continue to follow the social pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and visit the website, where posts and news about the whole implementation process are often published:






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