Youth Guarantee

Youth Guarantee Step 2 is the European Union’s project aimed at tackling youth unemployment. This measure has been taken by all EU countries with an unemployment rate above 25%.

What is Youth Guarantee? 

The Youth Guarantee programme concerns active employment policies addressing NEETs – unemployed young people between 15 and 29 years, who are not engaged in education, training or curricular or extracurricular apprenticeships courses – and NON-NEETs – unemployed young people between 15 and 35 years, based in Italy (EU citizens or non-EU foreigners legally resident).

Each Italian region benefits from European funding and sets up its own action plans. The overall coordination is entrusted to ANPAL – Agenzia Nazionale Politiche Attive del Lavoro (National Agency for Active Employment Policies) – which has the duty to mediate between all public and private stakeholders.

CEIPES – Employment Agency (EA) accredited by Sicily Region – takes part in the following measures:


Analysis of the young people’ needs, goal setting, reconstruction of the personal training and work history, development of a personalised project, drafting of the curriculum vitae. (measure 1- C) 


Scouting of employment opportunitiesdefinition and management of accompaniment and tutoring type, matching with youth’s characteristics and propensities. (measure 3) 


Implementation of programs involving a period of training in direct contact with the labour market, in order to facilitate the integration/reintegration into the workplace of unemployed and/or unemployable young people. (measure 5)

If you are a youth

If you are a company

How to participate?



The first step to join the Programme is to sign up to the Portal: you can register by filling in the registration form on .After enrolling, you will receive an email with your access credentials (please check your “junk mail” or “spam” folders before submitting a request for assistance, in case you should not receive the email).  

If you are already registered for the DID Online service, you do not need to submit a new registration request: your username and password will allow you to access your personal area on Youth Guarantee Portal.  

If you have forgotten your access credentials (username and password), you can recover your password by selecting “Citizen” in the “User type” field and entering your tax code and e-mail address provided during accreditation.  

Should password recovery be unsuccessful, you can send an e-mail to, taking care to specify your tax code and the personal e-mail address to which the access credentials should be sent.  

After joining the Youth Guarantee Programme by clicking on the menu item YOUTH GUARANTEE > ENTRY > NEW ENTRY, the Job Centre (JC) you have chosen will contact you to agree on a customised orientation programme and to sign your Service Agreement with the JC, providing your EA reference. 

After signing the Service Agreement, your Job Centre’s operator will show you the services provided by accredited public or private bodies, useful to obtain a qualification or a job opportunity matching your profile. 


In order to benefit from the facilities envisaged by the Programme, it is necessary for the company to implement one of the incentive measures on behalf of a NEET or NON-NEET youth who has joined the Youth Guarantee initiative and who has attended the first orientation interview at one of the employment services or accredited bodies. 

To access the programme, you must register on the Youth Guarantee website:  

If the institution is already registered on the ANPAL Portal, it may access through the MyAnpal platform  

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