WATER IS LIFE (MACEDONIA) – “Seed Ball Activity Participants”: the first reunion in Greece for students

On the 13th of March 2023, the partners of the European Project Water is Life were a part of a trip full of learning activities on the importance of water called “Seed Ball Activity Participants”.

The reunion was hosted in Katerini in Greece by the school Platon. All the other partners – Municipality of Cair (The Republic of North Macedonia), Selcuk Yasar Alaybey Ortaokulu (Turkey), Colegio Séneca S.C.A. (Spain), CEIPES (Italy) – landed in Greece the day before.

All participants – like the professors and students of the Liceo Linguistico Ninni Cassarà from Palermo – have been included in several activities, like open classes and seminar educational tours for the teachers and students. The main activities have been:

  • On the first day, Monday, the consortium met at the Platon School, and after the introduction, the participants had a lecture on Water’s Chemical and Physical Properties and a teamwork session called “From Drain to Sea”.
  • On the second day, after the Mayor’s House Visit, they have broken the ice through a treasure hunting in the City of Katerini, with the name “Water Secrets in the City” and the professors of the Platon School introduced “From Cloud to Glass” a game-based learning.
  • On Wednesday, the group has done an all-day excursion to Mt. Olympus and its waterfalls, where the students measured the river’s quality through experiential learning and doing an analysis of the water quality of the river Lefkos.
  • The fourth day, instead, has been a full day focused on the Sustainable Development Goals linked with Waters, an excursion to Edessa Waterfalls & Thermal Baths of Pozar and Water in Arts – Exploring Europeana Repository.
  • On the fifth day, a first evaluation have been done, as a discussion on how can it be an eco-friendly school and a final Izmir city tour. The last day of the meeting has been held back in the Platon School, and three main activities have been done: “Water and Creativity” – a team work session, the presentations of team results and a final round table discussion with the evaluation of the event and the Certificate Ceremony. 

The new opportunity to participate in this kind of activity is in June 2023 in Italy for the Water is Life (EU project number 2021-MK01-KA220-SCH-000032622), which is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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