UPSKILLING VET –  First Edition of the Training Program for Healthcare Professionals Released! 

The consortium of  Upskilling VET institutions and healthcare professionals on promoting gender equality in healthcare provision, [project number 2022-1-NO01-KA220-VET-000088213] has published a training program for professionals and VET students in the field of healthcare that addresses gender equality. 

The training program is meticulously structured in six modules, each of which aims to deepen your understanding and equip readers and users with the tools to promote equitable healthcare services. 

In Modules I and II, you will learn the key principles and objectives essential to understanding gender equality in healthcare. These modules cover gender terms and classifications, physical and mental health considerations, and access to health services. You will explore international and European legal frameworks, insights from the Fourth World Conference on Women, and the role of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in promoting gender equality. Interactive exercises and further readings will reinforce your learning. 

Modules III through VI delve deeper into gender inequality and cultural competence in healthcare. Module III focuses on statistical evaluations and inequalities in the health sector, including disparities in access to services and workforce representation, the impact of violence against women, and strategies for empowerment. Module IV examines historical gender biases in research, differences in disease presentation and treatment, and strategies for addressing these gaps. Module V teaches how to recognize and reduce gender bias in healthcare, exploring its personal impact and effective elimination strategies. Module VI enhances your cultural competence, providing tools to create an inclusive environment and promoting the importance of gender-inclusive language. Each module includes interactive exercises and further readings to consolidate your knowledge and skills. 

Read the training available online on the CEIPES website, here is the link. 

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