THE GAMIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT II – Concluding the final level

On the 14th of November 2023, CEIPES ETS has participated to the final meeting for the Gamification of Employment II project in Valladolid, Spain. This occasion has been fundamental for all partners to confront themselves on the results obtained, on the last steps to take before the conclusion of the project, and especially on the future of the project. 

Indeed, one of the keys of Gamification of Employment II lays in its sustainability: the project naturally shines for its uniqueness and the avant-guarde educational techniques used, creating memorable best practices is the field of non-formal education.  

Partners and stakeholders will continue using the techniques and teachings of GOE II in the future, as a didactic tool both for young people facing the job market and youth workers desiring to update their educational methods. 

On the 15th of November, instead, CEIPES ETS has participated, together with the other partners, to the International Multiplier Event, hosted by the Miguel de Cervantes European University in Valladolid. Partners have shared their experience in the project with the students of the university, each one giving their apport to the mosaic of skills and expertise that composes the rich background of the project and, therefore, this final event.  

In the following weeks the last aspects of the project will be completed, and everything will be shared on the project website, making it accessible, as always, to everyone interested in GOE II project, the gamification methodology and educative systems for young people interested in upskilling and reskilling. 

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