STEAM & DIGITAL SKILL – Partners in Lithuania for the Final Steps

On the 25th and 26th of January 2024, partners form STEAM & Digital Skills – Searching for the new Leonardos project, met in Šiauliai, Lithuania for the last meeting.  Šiauliai Technical Creativity Centre: “Šiauliai tech” have been hosted the all consortium.  

As the last meeting scheduled for the end of the project, the partners met with several items on the agenda. During the meeting, all the project coordinators’ results were presented. The project is currently in the finalisation phase of the platform that will be used to train primary school teachers on STEAM didactics. Eleven modules were developed, including an introduction to STEAM and how to introduce dynamic activities within the classic lessons.   

The platform developed by partner AKETH with the help of CEIPES ETS will soon be ready and the partners will be busy in the testing phase. This phase will involve 10 teachers from all over Europe and they will be responsible for improving the platform.  

In the coming weeks, the partners will be busy finalising the platform so that it will be accessible to teachers interested in the pilot phase as described above.  

The partners are looking forward to finalising the last activities of the project in order to conclude it in the best possible way. 

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