STAFF MOBILITY – CEIPES in Barcelona to identifying barriers to learning

From the 15th to the 19th of May 2023, staff members from CEIPES had the opportunity to assist to a training in the city of Barcelona about the special educational needs organised by ShipCon Limassol Ltd, a company that has a long tradition in developing EU research proposals and building learning materials for vocational education and training.  

The main objective of this training was to provide professionals and paraprofessionals a “greater understanding of the most common specific learning difficulties, how these can be identified, formally diagnosed and ultimately supported in a positive and effective way for all”.

It was conducted by lecturer Jacqui Ashton Smith, who gave a respectful and inclusive perspective on the specific difficulties of learning, as well as providing the necessary tools for its identification and its correct approach. 

What emerged during the training is the necessity to improve our levels of understanding of the philosophy of neurodiversity and what this means in education. Participants had the opportunity to perform various practical activities in which confront each other and work together.

They also learned and acquire new strategies to understand the processes and criteria for recognize for diagnosis and it was possible to acquire new learning strategies and tools that can be applied to support people with Special Educational Needs and develop their potential. 

It was a very nice and fruitful experience for the participants. Apart from taking on a great deal of professional and personal learning, the participants could interact, learn from each other and create connections for future collaborations.  

The participants from CEIPES can’t wait to share their experience and the knowledge acquired with their colleagues through a special staff workshop that will take place soon. 

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