SHAPING LIFE – The project’s testing phase has just begun!

CEIPES started the testing phase of the project Shaping Life. This project phase constitutes the second project result and takes the name of “Intervention program for healthy lifestyles”. It is directed at adults and it tackles topics such as burnout, depression, anxiety, parenting and career planning.

Volunteers from Centro Astalli were involved in the testing phase as facilitators. After attending training, they implemented exercises on the above-mentioned topics with one of the CEIPES’ beneficiary target groups, adult migrants present at a local level.

The series of workshops took place at Centro Astalli headquarters, coordinated by CEIPES. It involved the participants for a total of five meetings and received positive feedback from all.

All consortium partners will carry out simultaneously the testing phase which will end by the end of October. The idea behind the intervention program is to give adults tools to understand better themselves, their relationship with others and with their context and create daily habits to cope better with triggering situations and symptoms of Anxiety and Burnout.

Once this phase is completed, the project comes successfully to an end but will continue having an impact on the over 900 people involved. The idea is that every participant in the program will influence positively a person close to them to create a waterfall effect of the knowledge acquired. 

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