SHAPING LIFE – The end of the project but not of the intervention program!

After two fruitful years, Shaping Life project comes to an end! Its main objectives were to help adults and adults’ educators implement a healthier lifestyle by providing tools and building habits. 

In the two years of the project life there were delivered two main results: The adults educators manual and the intervention program for adults. The manual is intended both for educators and for adults and it’s meant as a guide to navigate difficulties arising from the social context we live in such as: anxiety, depression, burnout, the planning of a career and parenting.

The intervention program involved more than 450 adults, 90 plus facilitators and many organisations at a local level of each of the partners’ countries. A set of 21 exercises per manual topic were tested in group sessions involving people coming from different socio-economical backgrounds and age. The outcome is a toolkit collecting all the 105 exercises free to use for everyone. The outputs will be soon available on the project’s website.

Now project’s partners are involved in the measurment of the impact of the activities on the participants. But it’s not over, Shaping Life program had success among the various organisations involved. The consortium is sure many more educators will utilise the material available in the form of free source and many more adults will benefit from it and start making changes in their lifestyle!

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