PROMOTE – A new journey starts for professionals in the correctional field

CEIPES ETS is enthusiastic to announce the beginning of the Erasmus+ project PROMOTE – Promoting Integrated Professional Development for Prison Practitioners in Vocational Excellence for Offender Reintegration (project number: 101144006). The Consortium includes partners from Italy, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Denmark that will work together for 48 months. 

Specifically, PROMOTE offers a holistic approach to continuous professional development for those within the criminal justice system, emphasizing enhancing the learner experience and refreshing skills crucial for the successful reintegration of inmates into society. The initiative seeks to establish vocational excellence centers that provide inclusive access to education and skill enhancement, tailored to individual learners. These hubs serve as collaborative platforms, fostering interaction among practitioners from diverse backgrounds and equipping them with the necessary tools and methodologies to address their respective challenges effectively. By empowering practitioners to take an active role in their professional growth and problem-solving, PROMOTE aims to bridge gaps across employment sectors and educational levels, ensuring all practitioners acquire pertinent, practical skills applicable to their roles in supporting the integration of ex-convicts. 

The consortium will meet for the first time in the presence in Spain in mid-May to best start this collaboration and to decide on the first steps of the project.

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