VoterS – Volunteers from schools

Project Number: 2022-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000087095
Timespan of the Project: 01/09/22 – 31/08/24

Project E-mail:

  • Provide an innovative use of digital content and tools in secondary education
  • Educate teachers on how to motivate students’ participation in democratic life and practice EU values
  • Offer students the opportunity to develop their sense of active citizenship
  • Develop youth digital skills in creating innovative audio-visual content
  • Map youth volunteering experience to engage and inspire others.
  • Provide inspirations and resources for other students, teachers, schools, and organizations offering volunteering opportunities.
  • Learn how to take responsibility to contribute to society’s improvement by personal involvement.
  • 1 transnational meeting
  • 2 school exchange for students
  • Α training and respective lesson plans for teachers of secondary schools.
  • Implement an online platform which will host the Students’ Digital Diaries,
  • 7 Local events to disseminate VoterS results
  • Training of teachers “Volunteers from School” with respective Lesson Plans
  • 2 school exchange for students “Volunteers from School”
  • Volunteers from School” Students Diaries Platform
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