The Gamification of Employment


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01/09/2018 – 31/10/2020

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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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1 – To analyse the current situation in the field of nursing and caretaking, to identify common legislative, normative and procedural descriptors of the profession 

2 – To analyse the current situation in the field of employability of deaf and hearing impaired people, to identify the scope and thematic paths of skill-based training programs for the hearing impaired students with the special attention to health industry 

3 – To provide deaf and hearing impaired people with basic knowledge in the field of nursing and caretaking for evaluating their general interest in that field 

4 – Develop a brief outline for a future blended learning training course for deaf. 

5 – To investigate possible ways for transnational mobility of skilled people with hearing impairments

  • Research activity about linkages between education, the labour market and other social and medical institutions responsible for nursing and caretaking and about the employability of deaf and hear impaired people in the countries involved in the project. 
  • Information meeting 
  • Creation of online-content 
  • Activities aimed to transnational mobility of skilled people

1 – Provide a tool by the research activities, which is useful for more comprehensive understanding of an individual country’s market needs and challenges in the field of social inclusion. 

2 – To elaborate a short career guidance for the deaf and hearing impaired people 

3 – To give an impulse for introducing the existing training programmes across Europe by the exchange of knowledge 

4 – To develop a learning training course in nursing and caretaking for deaf and hear impaired people 

5 – To create an online-content to enabling online interaction between users about the educational content, to enabling consultation with trainers regarding learning and practical questions, to enabling easy evaluation of learning performance 

6 – To make a transational mobility process of skilled people flessible: the idea is that the trainers will acquire basic qualification in the field of nursing and caretaking in their countries of origin.