R.I.S.To.VET: Rural Innovative Sustainable Tourism for VET

Project Number: 2019-1-PL01-KA202-065682
Timespan of the Project: 1-11-2019 / 31-07-2022

Project E-mail: info@ceipes.org

  • To develop, structure and share the professional knowledge about local-based sustainable tourism 4.0.
  • To involve European VET providers and educational institutions in a professional training and self-training process in order to face the challenges of contemporary tourism.
  • To design, develop and test a training path in order to be deliverable both for online and face-to-face education.
  • To extrapolate models from local best practices in the involved countries.
  • To teste the learning tools – online and offline – and to deliver them as the first European-based educational toolkit for sustainable local-based tourism 4.0, available for future tourism professionals and tourism professionals who want to update their competences.
  • To design an innovative training path for Tourism VET education that will be available both for offline and online learning
  • To create a shared, European-based, toolkit grounded in best practices developed by small businesses in the field of local-based sustainable digital tourism.
  • To develop a shared methodology to systematise the practice-based knowledge of small tourism businesses in order to make it operational for VET education.
  • Analysis of existing data about tourism, new forms of hospitality and promotion of local identities, digital tourism in the local contexts of partners.
  • Training path definition, development of educational units and piloting process.
  • Development of an e-learning platform.
  • Organisation of webinars for testing the e-learning platform.
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