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 01-09-2017 – 31-08-19



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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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  • Increase the quality of green skills vocational education and training in partner countries, increasing the awareness of VET system regarding Green skills education;
  • Increase of the awareness of policymakers, VET trainers and VET students, employers in the sector on green skills;
  • Support to the expansion of green skills jobs, contributing to EU 2020 Strategy regarding environmental protection;
  • Enhancement of the commitment at local and regional level (Public Authorities) in the high quality VET offer, labour inclusion by work-based training and identification of green skills.
  • Interviews and questionnaires to Vet trainers, policymakers and employers chosen among two profiles (electricians and construction builders);
  • Realization of quality report both for interviews and for the questionnaires; Individuation of the best practices to be inserted in the electricians and constructions builders curriculums to improve their academic background;
  • Realization of recommendations containing best practices suggestions for the curricula of both construction builders and electricians.
  • Increase of the quality of VET system regarding Green skills education in two different curricula: electricians and construction builders;
  • Expansion of green skills jobs to realize a greener economy and market labour that is aware of its choices;
  • Improvement of employment opportunities for the workers graduating from partner countries VET organizations.
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Ecco alcuni momenti condivisi con voi, durante la presentazione del progetto Green Skills, in occasione dell'inaugurazione del nuovo Rise-Lab

Posted by CEIPES on Monday, July 8, 2019