EUpTrain: Transnational knowledge exchange between trainers of low-skilled adults in multiple European countries


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CEIPES: International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development

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The objectives of EUpTrain are:

  • to create a transnational network between Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Romania
  • Enrich the network of adult education providers in the European partner countries
  • share Europe-wide knowledge between organisations specialised in adult education through exchange of expertise
  • develop a sustainable handbook comprising transnational good practices and methods for trainers working with low-skilled adults.
  • The partners of EUpTrain will participate in a Knowledge Exchange Workshop to share examples of good practices, international differences, new opportunities, new ways of working, and new methods in the training of low-skilled adults.
  • The partners will also collaborate in the production of a handbook containing the results of the knowledge exchange activities.

The results of EUpTrain will be a handbook (translated into 8 languages) containing the results of knowledge-exchange activities, specifically a collection of concrete examples of international best practice examples and methodologies for trainers working with low-skilled adults. This varied collection of best practices and methodologies will make the project results valuable for other European countries as well.