DIME – Diversity Management and Inclusive Employment for ethnic minorities and migrants in SMEs and NGOs

Project Number: 963161
Timespan of the Project: 1.10.2020 – 20.09.2022

Project E-mail: info@ceipes.org

Financial Program: REC – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme
  • To carry out a qualitative research in a form of fieldwork in 4 partner countries, with at least 52 representatives of SMEs and NGOs. This will contribute to the raise of awareness regarding discrimination in the labour market on the basis of ethnicity as well as demonstrate the existing good practices for diversity management;
  • To develop the methodology and training material for employers at SMEs and NGOs in order to train them in diversity management and inclusion in the workplace with focus on ethnicity;
  •  To carry out the pilot activities for training of employers and integrating diversity management into the organisational policy of 40 SMEs and NGOs in 4 partner countries;
  • To raise awareness at national and European level on labour market discrimination based on ethnicity as well as ways of combating it aiming at employers and policy makers in order to create opportunities for migrants and ethnical minorities at meso and macro levels.
  •  To ensure the stakeholders ́ engagement and network setting up;
  • To implement fieldwork and to develop analysis report . The fieldwork will be implemented in each country for collecting information on existing obstacles and good practices in relation to diversity management and inclusion at the workplace with focus on ethnicity;
  • To draft the structure of methodology and training material based on the fieldwork in dialogue with employers, lawyers and other relevant stakeholders in Sweden.
  • To develop the technical solution of the methodology and training material based on the feedback from employers in all partner countries;
  • Choice of the SMEs and NGOs participating in pilot activities (10 per country);
  • Training of facilitators: the training scheme will consist of a compact blended course with one transnational workshop for one facilitator per country and follow-up local workshops (one per country) in national language for facilitators from local SMEs and NGOs;
  • Pilot activities will be led by national facilitators trained in the above-mentioned workshops in their own organisations (10 per partner country);

The project will lead to the results in short-term and long-term perspectives:

  1. In a short-term, the main expected result is improve capacity and awareness at SMEs and NGOs regarding diversity management and inclusive workplaces in relation to ethnic and racial origin. Consequently, some mediate effects of the project in four participating countries are:
    1. >10 NGOs/SMEs involved in the needs’ assessment activities by each implementing partner;
    2. 600 participants at minimum 50% of the course;
    3. 30% of the course participants and awareness rising are representatives of migrant/ethnic minority NGOs or interest organisation;
    4. 70% of NGOs/SMEs adapt their organisational policy to diversity management;
    5. By the end of the project, 80% of the course participants will develop a positive attitude towards diversity management and inclusion in the workplace.
  2. In a long-term, this project will potentially lead to economic and social inclusion of migrants and ethnical minorities

into the labour market via SMEs and NGOs, contributing to socio-economic development of the communities.

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