Dance for inclusion!

Fee: 350 €

Duration days / hours : 4 days / 16 hours

The training course can be funded by Erasmus+ KA1 programme (staff mobility).

The course “Dance for inclusion!” consists of different workshops, focus groups, seminars, which are focused on personal development, wellbeing, self esteem, interaction with others. Through this course, educators, teachers, trainers can learn new methodologies which can be used with different target groups such as migrants and refugees, LGBT+ people, people affected with disabilities, and in general people who are at risk of social exclusion.

The main aim of this course is to learn how to use innovative practices in the field of dance and movement, which promote a healthy lifestyle, a healthy expression of emotions, self-esteem, the  stimulation of decision-making capacity and social inclusion in a  multicultural community.

  • To promote the values of inclusion, non discrimination and equity
  • To promote methods of non-formal education

Learning new methodologies to foster personal development, self-esteem  and decision-making  capacity,  as  well as  to  promote  healthy  lifestyles through  art,  expressing  emotions, exercise  and  promote  social inclusion.

Educators: Adult  educators, trainers and staff who work in different social fields, who are interested in using expressive techniques that favor personal development. Organizations and interested institutions, NGOs, dance schools, art schools, service providers, providers of therapeutic or  non-formal  education, dance and art schools


Introduction to the topic “dance and movement as tool of wellbeing” – experiences in different european countries who worked with this innovative non formal educational methodology.


Introduction to the topic “Dance as a tool of inclusion against bullying”. It will show how music and dance have positive effects in the personal development of young people, as great tools to work for the empowerment and resilience against violence, abuses and bullying.


Seminar with a local association engaged in the requalification of the city through dance and flash mob.

The association will illustrate their experience in using these particular activities as a tool to express a social message.


Workshops on how to conduct workshops on dance and movement with different target groups such as migrants, people with disabilities, and groups at risk of social exclusion.

Expedients and tips to well manage a group of people with specific needs.

It is advisable to bring your own laptop or tablet, but it is not mandatory.

The stations will be fully equipped.

Consumables, 3D printing filaments and more will be provided by CEIPES as they are included in the registration fee.

The lenght and the contents of the programmes can be modified according to the needs, more details will be given to interested organizations. Certificate of attendance by CEIPES will be awarded. If within the Erasmus+ programme, an EUROPASS certificate of attendance and competence will be awarded.

The programme, on request and with an extracharge, may include Italian classes, cultural activities, organization of board and lodging.

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