SEE BRIDGE – Building Resilience In social Economy SMEs for Greener & Digital production towards the goal of a climate-neutral Economy

Project Number: 101127499
Timespan of the Project: 01/10/2023 - 30/09/2025

Project E-mail:


The project aims:

  • Enhance the capacity of SE SMEs and entrepreneurs in energy-intensive sectors to innovate and promote green initiatives.
  • Foster transnational and cross-sectoral cooperation to meet Carbon Border Adjustment requirements and align with the EU Green Deal.
  • Address carbon leakage risks by encouraging sustainable practices and fair competition among industries.
  • Empower SE SMEs with knowledge and tools to understand, comply with, and navigate the CBAM mechanism and EU-ETS market.
  • Support SE SMEs in developing evidence-based solutions, securing financial support, and enhancing their market competitiveness to contribute to the green transition

The project will engage in the following activities:

  • Capacity-building sessions, including training, webinars, and coaching, to empower SE SMEs with knowledge and skills related to CBAM, carbon footprints, and green market navigation.
  • Direct financial support to SE SMEs for implementing evidence-based solutions and developments that enhance their competitiveness.
  • Collaboration with Social Economy Intermediaries, research centres, public authorities, and energy-intensive SE SMEs to provide consulting services and promote green technologies and sustainable management.
  • Facilitation of transnational partnerships and exchange of best practices to improve SE SMEs’ sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Establishment of funding mechanisms and resources aimed at empowering SE SMEs to actively participate in the green transition and achieve sustainability goals.

The project has yielded the following results:

  • Capacity building for SE SMEs and Intermediaries, providing customized training and support to enhance their capabilities.
  • Direct financial support for SE SMEs in energy-intensive industries to promote resilience and facilitate green and digital transformation.
  • Establishment of sustainable transnational and cross-sectoral partnerships to foster cooperation, knowledge exchange, and identification of new value chains and opportunities in the green and digital transition.
  • Dissemination and communication efforts, including the creation of project promotion materials, stakeholder engagement, and networking events to increase dialogue and project impact.
Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA). Neither the European Union nor the EISMEA can be held responsible for them.
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