NEWECOSMART – The First Project Newsletter is out!

What is NES about? 

NewEcoSmart is a pioneering initiative to revive rural areas and empower adults 45+, SMEs and micro firms through social innovation, towards the green and digital transition.  
The NewEcoSmart (NES) approach will be tested and validated by a cross-country network of pilot sites sited in Spain, Portugal, and Italy.  

The NES Consortium put together eight organisations from Spain, Portugal and Italy to create an inclusive social innovation approach to upskill/reskill adults aged 45 and above in rural areas, helping them adapt to the green and digital transitions in their current jobs or find new opportunities in habitat-related sectors.  

The partners had the chance to know each other in two hybrid meetings, the first in September in Bruxelles, and the second one in Gijòn (Spain) in January. 

Activities are in full swinging and a Digital Competence Model, tailored for individuals over 45 in rural areas, was developed, providing a practical framework to bridge the digital and green skills gap. 
Also, the first activities of the second work-package, as well as the related reports, have been finalised. These were the Survey related to the Cross-border competence assessment and the comparison among National legislations on green and digital transition compared with EU policies. 

Stay tuned and read here the first newsletter.

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