NEWECOSMART – The consortium met in Asturias

The NewEcoSmart project started 6 months ago and the activities are now in full swing!  

In the last two days of January, the project consortium met in presence for the first time after the kick-off meeting in Brussels. The partner organisations were guests of the Spanish partner CTIC (Centro Tecnologico), and had the opportunity to visit its facilities and the CTIC Rural Tech centre in the Peòn Valley. The consortium members were thus able to see first-hand how CTIC operates in the rural areas of Gijòn and the Peòn valley, integrating new technologies into the traditional local economic fabric and its innovation.  

We discussed digital training, the project roadmap and shared interesting updates on pilot implementations and the preparation of the NES Hackathon. 

Thus, works proceed on work packages 2, 3 and 4: “Co-design of NewEcoSmart social innovation methods and map of skills”, “Digital enablers for uptaking NewEcoSmart innovation ecosystem” and “Piloting and Impact Assessment”. In addition, preparations for the Ecosystem Evolution activities, which will be the next phase of the project, have begun. 

The next in-person meeting will be held in the facilities of the Portuguese partner AD Elo at the end of June.  

In the meantime, follow the project’s social pages to stay updated on activities. 

Stay Tuned!

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