KTM – KidsTUMove

A new beginning: sport accessible for all!

KTM – KidsTUMove, is a project funded by the Erasmus + Sport Cooperation Partnership and implemented by a consortium composed by 5 Partners: TUM (Germany), CreThiDev (Greece), CEIPES (Italy), USe (Spain), FMH (Portugal). 

On 18 and 19 January 2023, partners met for the first time in Munich (Germany), hosted by the Technical University of Munich – TUM – the project coordinator – to present their organisations and expertise.  

The main goal of the project is to make the powerful effects of sports accessible to the group of children with CD (Chronic Deseas). Increasing sport participation of this vulnerable group will have a great benefit within the European health care system. Thus, long-term consequences of both a health and psychological nature can be minimized or existing ones improved. 

The need is to identify the best practices for the implementation and measurement. To achieve the target kidsTUMove will create: 

  • A Manual for a sports programme for children with CD 
  • Online Information Center as a networking centre for coaches health experts, children and parents 

During the meeting, the partners had the chance to meet each other for the first time, talking about important topics such as the project objectives, financial issues, the communication and dissemination of the project and the next tasks to be carried out to achieve these goals.  

This first meeting began with a brief introduction of the partnership organizations, going ahead with a general introduction of the project and the related organizational work plans.  

The coordinator showed partners the Technical University of Munich, specifically the departments of Sport and Health Sciences, sharing the the place of study and training and especially the activities that are involved on holistic prevention concept especially for chronically ill children and adolescents.  

After discussing the tasks of all the Working Packages to be implemented for the project and how to develop, the KTM partners set dates for the next meetings to schedule how to develop  the work project.  

In collaboration with all partners, kidsTUMove will develop the first certified advanced training manual for instructors to give them the opportunity to train with patients in the right way. The training manual covers not only the medical background of the children but also the correct use of different soft skills.  

This kick-off meeting was a great occasion to strength the cooperation between partners countries and to talk about the first steps of the project defining the methodology of the field research cycle.

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