the project to promote “green competences” among students starts

The project Green Jobs Ambassadors (2022-1-PL01-KA220-VET-000088140) has reunited the partnership in Huelva for the first time, in what can be described as a great cultural exchange and preparatory moment the upcoming activities!

The four partners – New Europe Foundation (Poland), CEIPES (Italy), Inercia Digital (Spain) and Huemaniser (Estonia) – have set the fundamental points of action to be implemented for the project’s goals, shaped around the needs of both our planet and society. The focus of the project will be the building of green skills among VET, in line with the European Green Deal ambition to become net-zero by 2050. 

Green Jobs Ambassadors targets VET students, trainers but also companies and institutional actors through the deliverance of high-quality educational tools in the environmental sector, crucial to Europe’s needs to limit negative climate-related phenomena. The project will therefore produce precious guiding resources  to be used by 20 Green Jobs Ambassadors – 5 for each partner- to transfer green knowledge and positively impact their environmental education level, while fostering their employability chances in current times.  

The partnership discussed the whole activities to be carried out during the project’s timeline, and namely: the creation of a methodological textbook to be used by the Green Ambassadors as a reference; an operational manual for VET students to improve their ecological knowledge, together with a tailored survey on the topic; the realization of a movie to be filmed after the Green Ambassadors complete their activities. 

Within the summer, partners have agreed to realize most of the workshop scripts and contents that will form the basis of the educational path, so as to proceed with the selection of the Green Jobs Ambassadors equipped with all the necessary tools to foster green skills. 

Stay tuned to know more and visit CEIPES social media to stay updated!


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