GAMEDUCATE – In Cyprus to work on the first project steps

On the 7th of March 2023, CEIPES and the consortium – CBE, CSI, Akata Makata, ÖJAB, GEINNOVA, University of Macedonia, Osengo, DRPDNM – met for the first transnational meeting of the ‘GAMEDUCATE – Gamification in School Education’ (2022-1-FR01-KA220-SCH-000089700) project in Cyprus, held by CSI at the Classic Hotel conference room. 

The project meeting started with an introduction by the hosting organization and the agenda of the day. After a check by the coordinator CBE at the management status (WP1), the meeting progressed towards the tasks check related to the WP2. At this point, we are working on the curriculum guidelines development, lead by OEAJB.

With the first draft presentation, the next step is about organizing a focus group with 5 participants (professors, stakeholders, gamification practitioners, even directors of school) by each partner and gather useful information and insights about gamification and digital transformation within the school context.

For instance, what are the methodologies implemented, which tools are used to provide support, or what experience or training are provided to the teachers? At the end of this block, two important considerations emerged: 

•             keeping balance between reality and virtual in classrooms.  

•             keeping it easy.  

After lunch, the meeting moved towards the explanation of the other WPs, to clarify what it is expected ahead. Lastly, CEIPES as dissemination leader, showed the complete set of the visual identity elements and products, and the new project social media channels for the dissemination activities: 

•             Facebook

•             Instagram

For the project updates and the relevant topic news, visit the project website and the social media channels.

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