FUTURE++ – The Handbook to promoting Social Inclusion through Sport

The FUTURE++ Project Consortium has worked continuously to promote the concept of social inclusion in sport. Dedicated to the promotion, development and dissemination of a European coach training programme. The FUTURE++ Project aims to provide coaches with the tools to transform sport not only into an engaging and enjoyable activity, but also into a powerful tool for social inclusion. Today we are excited to share with you one of the main outcomes of the project: the Handbook

The Hand Book contains a comprehensive description of the various phases that enabled the development and progression of the project. The manual bears witness to the significant results achieved through the efforts and activities undertaken within the FUTURE++ Project, designed to assist coaches and managers in the promotion of sport as a tool for social inclusion. 

Aimed at sports clubs, associations, federations or public authorities responsible for sport, in particular those committed to using sport – especially with young people – as a tool to combat exclusion in society, the Manual is structured in three main sections 

  • Pedagogical context. 
  • Coaching and management programme on a European basis. 
  • Developed tools. 

As of today, the Handbook is accessible to the public.  
Please take a moment to explore both the Italian and English versions.  

In addition, partners would like to remind you that the Handbook is available in all Consortium languages on the FUTURE++ Project Website

The development of the Handbook is a key achievement in our ongoing commitment to make sport an enabler of positive social change. We invite you to join us in exploring the FUTURE++ Handbook as a valuable resource that enables individuals and organisations to promote inclusion through sport. 

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