Partner met for the first time

On Thursday 6th October 2022 CEIPES took part to the first transnational meeting of the project EUHRENETEuropean Human Rights Network of Towns (project ID: 101054251). The project is funded by the European Union and it is developed and implemented by a consortium of 12 partners from different countries of the European Union.

The partners involved are Municipality of Torres Novas (Portugal), Bistrita City Hall (Romania), GAIN&SUSTAIN (Austria), Birgu Local Counsil (Malta), Opcina Kalnik (Croatia), Municipality of Rafal (Spain), Sdruzeni Splav (Czech Republic), Association for Development of Voluntary Work (Slovenia), International Labour Association – Ila (Netherlands), The Society for European Initiatives (Poland), Nyugat-Pannon Nonprofit Kft. (Hungary) and CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e dello Sviluppo (Italy).

EUHRENET aims at fostering participatory democracy and human rights via the development and implementation of local policies based on the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights. It will involve a wide range of decision-makers, human rights activists and European citizens from different social and professional backgrounds to create a civic debate and an open dialogue between them and to develop sustainable partnerships to counter discrimination and exclusion in Europe.

The consortium and participants of the events will discuss challenges and will develop strategies and local policies based on the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights.

The first transnational meeting was organized online by the Municipality of Torres Novas (Portugal), which is the coordinator of this project. This was a great opportunity to meet the Partners of the Consortium involved in EUHRENET project for the first time.

At the beginning of the meeting partners participated to some activities to getting to know each other, then, in the second part of it, there was time to briefly discuss project arrangements, project management and dissemination.

The project officially started on 1st June 2022, and it will end the 30th September 2023.

During this period the Consortium will organize 7 different events (4 online and 3 in presence) on different topics related to the main issue of human rights.

The first event was held on day 7th September 2022, then the next meeting will be held in Palermo on days 12nd and 13rd December 2022. CEIPES will host and organize all the activities connected to the event, which will be also open to public participation.

To learn more about the project visit the Facebook page of the project.

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