D.B.Y. – In Thessaloniki for the International Film Festival!

An unprecedented event saw the involvement of CEIPES: we are talking about the international film festival of the D.B.Y. – Directed By YOU(th) project, co-funded by the European Union’s CERV (Citizens, Equals, Rights and Values) programme.

The film festival was attended by the project partners, many Greek citizens and the real protagonists of the project: the young people! In fact, many young people from all over Europe participated in the festival with their own unreleased short films, made in the context of the project last summer and subsequently presented at local festivals in Spain, Romania, Austria, Italy, Ireland and Bulgaria. 

All gathered in Greece to take part in the contest that resulted in the victory of the Irish film ‘2 Years Gone’, whose touching storyline and technical skill were crucial in the choice of the jury (composed of five exceptional judges, prominent personalities of Thessaloniki in the artistic and cinematographic fields plus the president of the jury, Panagiotis Kountouras), who unanimously declared the film the winner of the contest. Also awarded prizes were the short film ‘Mornin’ by Sam Mullins and the Greek ‘On the Road’.  

Special mentions, finally, for the Bulgarian film “Brushstrokes of the city” and the Italian “In Tutto e per Tutto”. 

CEIPES, as project coordinator, had the honour of awarding some of the participants. The work carried out by the partners fills one with pride and sets an example for the whole of Europe, especially because the documentaries enabled young people to express their opinions on civic engagement topics in a free and creative manner and stimulated an important debate with citizens from various European countries.

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