CICEE-T – The successful launch of Project’s Multiplier Sport Event  

On November 10th, CEIPES ETS hosted the Multiplier Sport Event No. 1 of the “CICEE-T – Culturally Informed Safe Sport Coach Education e-Toolbox” Project. The event was a key opportunity to present the project and the work done so far by the consortium. The main objective of the day was to present the CICEE-T project, which focuses on combating violence in sport and creating a Safe Sporting Environment in all its forms. 

The CICEE-T project aims to develop safe sport training for coaches, adapted to the countries of our consortium. During the event, one of the main objectives of our work was shared: E-Toolbox. The Consortium is currently working on the development and topic structure of the toolbox, and the event was an excellent opportunity to engage guests to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the toolbox and topics. 

Coaches, trainers, federations and sports club leaders participated.  

In addition to external stakeholders, CICEE-T partners physically attended the event and actively contributed to it. Each consortium member took part in the project presentation, sharing the milestones with the audience. They also participated in debates, reflections and answered questions, offering different perspectives from the Italian context. 

The enthusiasm of the participants was palpable, as they provided positive feedback and expressed their desire to participate in more events like this to explore these critical and sensitive issues related to sport. The success of the Multiplier Sport event not only highlighted the consortium’s commitment, but also underlined the broader importance of addressing violence in sport and promoting culturally informed coaching practices. 

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