CEIPES takes part to a Training Course about Positive Thinking

CEIPES ETS recently took part to a training course about positive thinking. The project took place in Ankara, Türkyie  from the 12th to the 18th of May. 

During the 7 days activity, an overall of 40 participants coming from 6 different countries took part and came together to share knowledge, their culture and a life experience.  

The youth exchange aims were: 

  • To ensure project participants and target audiences grasp the importance of positive thinking. 
  • To motivate young people and those they interact with to break free from negativity and embrace a positive outlook on life. 
  • To encourage them to embrace positive thinking as a philosophy of life. 
  • To ensure cultural integration of the participants 
  • To contribute to the personal development of the participants. 

The working methods applied by the hosting organization were based on non-formal education, digital leaming, team-building activities, garnes, role-playing games discussions, workshops, presentations, case studies creation of a series of short awareness-raising videos dissemination activities on social media platforms.  

Overall, the youth exchange was a great success, and participating in the “Stay Positive” project has had a significant impact on all of the team, which had the opportunity to acquire new relational and communication skills. The various workshops held during the days have given to participants the opportunity to learn new strategies and the chance to make friends with people from different cultures.  

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