CEIPES participation in the ERASMUS+ Training Course “Volunteer Vanguard”

From March 8th to March 14th, a CEIPES’ youth worker attended the training course “Volunteer Vanguard”, organized by the Polish organization Stowarzyszenie Europe4Youth. 

The project aimed to equip youth workers with the necessary skills and tools to better support young people and foster collaboration among volunteers.  
A particular focus was placed on the European Solidarity Corps program, in which CEIPES is involved both as hosting and sending organization.  

22 participants from 12 countries (Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey) gathered in Rabka-Zdrój, near Krakow, for a week of dynamic activities designed to enhance the capabilities of the participants.  

The topics touched upon included: 

  • Reflection on the different types of volunteering 
  • Assessment of risks 
  • Ways to keep motivation high 
  • Techniques for conflict solving 

The training incorporated a blend of interactive methodologies to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.  

Participants actively participated in role-playing exercises, which provided a safe space to practice real-world scenarios and hone their communication and problem-solving skills.  
Additionally, the workshops focused on team-building techniques, promoting collaboration and effective teamwork among youth workers and volunteers – essential skills for successful youth projects. 

A key highlight of the program was the exchange of best practices. Participants from each country had the opportunity to share their experiences and successful youth engagement initiatives. This cross-cultural exchange allowed them to gain valuable insights and learn from one another’s approaches, fostering a network of support and collaboration across borders. 

The workshops experienced will be replicated and the knowledge acquired will be used to help volunteers and youth in their activities. 
“Volunteer Vanguard” exemplified the spirit of collaboration, learning, and empowerment.  
It reinforced the belief that when youth workers are equipped with the right tools, they can create lasting impact and inspire positive change in their communities.

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