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CEIPES Network is made of people who leads in their countries an antenna of CEIPES ETS. The Network is based on the principles of cooperation, shared responsibility and ownership. It is oriented to education, training and advocacy and in a long term perspective aims to actively participate in processes of change at policy level. Each CEIPES ETS antenna is independent and the belonging to the Network is regulated by a signed agreement.

CEIPES Network is a net of organisations working together with the belief that Education and Development are fundamental values to achieve peace and dignity for all human beings. The mission of CEIPES ETS is to foster and support the sustainable development of local communities and individuals’ empowerment through education and training, human rights and international cooperation. The Network was created thanks to the Operating Grant form the European Youth Foundation (EYF) (Category C-­‐bis 5014.C bis.2013. PC29).

CEIPES Network:

CEIPES Network is made of people who leads in their countries an antenna of CEIPES ETS .
The Network is also open to organisations that share the same mission and values even though they are not called CEIPES ETS.


Informal groups of young people

Are invited to contact us if they are searching for an “organisation identity” and for a network to which belong

Other organisations who are interested

to partake in the Network are also invited to contact us.

CEIPES Network Application form per Informal groups

CEIPES Network Application form existing organisations.

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