CCJ4C – The project for prison staff concludes

In April 2023 ended the project CCJ4C (N. 612883-EPP-1-2019-1-RO-EPPKA3-PIFORWARD), funded by the European Commission as action KA3 Erasmus+, focused on good career management and training of prison staff.

The objective of the Project was to develop, test and implement a methodology to improve the career guidance process in the correctional criminal justice system.

Among the results obtained, CEIPES has produced the National Position Paper that offers an overview of the Italian perspective through the PESTLE technique, analyzing the political, technological, legislative and environmental factor,to understand the existing problem. Another result was the production of career Recommendations related to correctional staff with a ready-to-use solution to develop their skills and knowledge.

The final objective of the Project was the search for dialogue with policy makers.

CEIPES has involved the MEP Ignazio Corrao, who has taken up this issue by submitting a parliamentary question to the Commission.

The CCJ4C Project has allowed to give voice to the needs of subjects who live in difficult contexts by their nature such as the European Penitentiaries, opening new prospects for the improvement and development of careers that are also reflected in the well-being of prisoners and of society as a whole.

CEIPES, together with the entire Partnership, is satisfied with the results achieved and is open to the possibility of continuing this path to continue to give concrete and lasting support to the category.

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