CCJ4C – In Bruxelles for the Masterclass to the European Career Counselling Guidelines

The CCJ4C Project is almost at the end of its course. 

On the 21st of February 2023 a Masterclass held in Bruxelles took place to disseminate the results and outcomes of the project among European stakeholders. 

CEIPES presented a pre-assessment module and a post-assessment survey on the deconstruction of gender stereotypes in prison contexts. The module and the survey have been created among other modules as a working tool that will be included in the online learning platform for prison professionals.

The online platform will work as a permanent open access tool for prison professionals to self-assess their needs on the domains of relevant topics such as gender, assertive communication, terrorism and stress management and to provide suggestions, exercise and activities to address them. 

The CCJ4C project – which focuses on the good management of careers and training of prison staff – has as its ultimate goal the inclusion of the need for a structured and guided approach to career management in the prison system in the European agenda, by reaching out to policy makers. 

The analyses and current results of the project so far have highlighted the many problems and serious shortcomings in the area of careers and training of prison staff. 

The partnership produced a set of recommendations regarding the careers of correctional staff and a ready-to-use solution for developing the skills and knowledge of correctional staff, following a stakeholder needs analysis and collaborative research with key training beneficiaries in the project partner countries. 

The project results resulted from an in-depth needs analysis that included desk research on the current situation, a survey and the implementation of a methodology with stakeholders from the participating countries.  

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